Every year, companies have to produce an annual report which includes a statement of their accounts. Our external auditors will check that your information is accurate and that your company’s financial practices are up to standard. We provide the following auditing services:

Internal Auditing

Our internal auditors will report internally to your audit committee or the Board once they have documented their findings and will review the recommendations. In full confidentiality, they will provide your business with a tailored report about how the risks and objectives are managed and focus on any identified strengths and weaknesses.

External Auditing

Our external auditors will report primarily to the shareholders of your company which could range from its owners to the general public. The main report is in a format required by the Auditing Standards and focuses on whether the financials give an accurate and fair view and comply with legal requirements. External auditors’ reports are available in the public domain via the annual financial statements and must be filed with the Registrar of Companies in the UK.

Accounting & Financial Auditing

Our accounting and financial auditors will examine the financial situation of your company. Beyond this verification mission, our auditors will evaluate the risks inherent to your company, taking into account its sectorial, legal, and competitive environment and its organisation, thus bringing a critical dimension.

Financial Accounting

Financial accounting is keeping track of a company’s financial transactions. Our experienced financial accountants will follow specific procedures to produce waterproof and robust financial reports for your business.

  • Our financial accountants will track your company’s current financial position based on your incomings, outgoings, liabilities and how money is moving through your company.
  • They will monitor your company’s share value and make statements of stockholders’ equity.
  • Their reports are used externally – by people outside the company, such as shareholders and potential investors of your company.

Tax Accounting

Our tax auditors are responsible for your public funds' financial management and bookkeeping. They will also control the admissibility and conformity of your business declarations to fight against corporate tax fraud.

  • Our tax accountants track all the transactions that affect how much tax your company pays and calculate how much tax is due.
  • Their job will be to find ways to reduce your tax payments within the legal tax framework.
  • They will complete all the necessary forms for HMRC and ensure that the correct amount of tax is paid.

Management Accounting

Management accounting focuses on all accounting to inform management about operational business metrics. It uses information about the costs of products or services purchased by the company. Our experts will create your internal business reports as foundations for your future strategies.

  • Our management accountants provide the financial information your managers need to make business decisions – for example, reports on profitable business areas.
  • At the higher levels, our management accountants can make business recommendations.
  • Our accountants will also interpret trends, make predictions and consider the non-financial, qualitative aspects of your business.